Traditional language teaching tells us that lessons can be divided into three parts: Present, Practice, Produce. Some people might call that “Engage, Study, Activate,” and still others might call it “I do, We do, You do.”

Whatever works for you. Personally, I like the brevity of “PPP.”

Come on, I’ve got this.

Most teachers do…

I did my CELTA at 2016 at ITI Istanbul. At some point during our training, I gave feedback to the group at large that “being on the cutting edge of teaching on paper doesn’t matter much if you can’t get your TTT down.” …

I have tweeted extensively about my dissatisfaction with Marvel’s Loki TV series. It’s not just the choppy dialogue from the extras, abysmal performances from everyone except Owen Wilson, or the poor choices that were made in terms of plot and locations. It’s also the sheer predictability of the writing.

N.G. Rees

Teacher trainer and ESL instructor based out of Morocco. Head of Training and Development, Resilient Communities NGO. hmu @nickguyrees

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